Sunday 10 January 2016

The votes are in!


As we speak the votes for the AHPC's first Bonus Round: "Nostalgia" are counted. The results are published in this post: link.

While not among the first 3 entries I did get a Commendation which I think is the highest praise indeed. The old proverb of: "Winning doesn't matter, competing does" is so true here. This round was all about sharing great nostalgic hobby moments with like-minded people. The contributions were emotional, profound and very often hilarious and it almost seems as if we are becoming part of a global family of fellow-nutcases who really do understand each other.

So a great big thanks to all contributors for the brilliant times spend reading all the entries!

The next round is titled "Epic Fail" and already due on January 23rd. I think I will sit this one out. I have no inspiration whatsoever and really want to get cracking on the Vikings and ANZACS.

Cheers Sander