Sunday 29 January 2012

In the works...


There has been a lot of Dystopian Wars madness over here lately and while I understand that most of you people are more historically inclined, I like that game a lot. Fantasy and Sci-Fi have always been a big part of my gaming hobby ever since I started it. Now this does not mean that there are no historical projects in the works. Therefore I thought I'd tell you here what's going on over at the workbench.

* first up is another bunch of French Marines for the Crush the Kaiser project. When those are finished I will have 2/3rds of the work done.
* next are two Austrian artillery limbers and an unit of Austrian Cuirassiers for the 7YW.
* then I am building some jungle terrain, both for colonial and pirate games
* the last project I'm actually working on at this point is the Freebooters Fate starter set for the Imperial Armada.

You see I'm not yet lost to all things Dystopian War and still going strong in other erea's of the hobby.

Cheers Sander

Listening to:  "Tragic Kingdom"  by No Doubt