Tuesday 26 May 2009

Colonial Infantry


As a go-between I present to you one of my longer running projects: some British Colonial Infantry. I got these figures from one of my German pals long ago and I can't even remember who made them. Since I plan to play several games set in the Sudan in the future, and possibly some fictional ones I painted several of the troops in the grey used for the Sudan campaign.

Cheers Sander
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Sunday 24 May 2009

Napoleonic Hussars!

Hi There!

Today's update is of a little project I wanted to do for some time! Inspired by the brilliant book concerning the Dutch Belgian cavalry at Waterloo by André Dellevoet:

This book has ALL Dutch and Belgian Regiments depicted in colour-plates of both Full- and Campaign dress. So I decided to do the 8th Belgian Hussars. I used Revell Chasseurs de Garde and one Italeri Chasseur and to give them a face, I used HäT heads. Hope you like the pics.

Cheers Sander