Wednesday 28 January 2009


Dear Folks!

Due to a very busy schedule at work and at the study I am currently involved in, I have not had much time to update this BLOG.

What projects am I trying to squeeze into my very little spare time?

1) I am still hard at work at 3 commissions:
- the Damsell shown in a recent update
- some Napoleonic Italians; I am now doing the specials and command figures.
- some Napoleonic Austrians and French

2) the latest HäT testshots have arrived in the form of:
- 1:72 Napoleonic French Legere (I have based the Voltigeurs)
- 28mm El Cid Spanish Infy. I will do a seize comparison for these!

3) the last batch of my WW1 Late German Army

You'll understand that with the little time I have available progress on all of these is slow...

When I get things finished I'll be sure to update them here!

Have faith and keep an eye on this space!

Cheerio Sander

Listening to: "History Lessens" by Skyclad