Wednesday 1 October 2008

Great War Artillery Part II

Well work is progressing steadily. I have begun painting the French limber riders and drivers and I have based the 'ground crews' and gun/ caisson as you can see below.

The above are pictures of the front and back of the French crew

And of course these photo's show the American (ANZAC in my case) artillery crews.

Last but certainly not least some shots of the Caisson and gun assembly. By now you will have noticed that although these figures are testshots, I have based them for wargaming. I used to put my painted test-figures onto specially made bases but since I have ran out of my supply and they take up loads of space in my cabinets I decided to use the figures in my wargames armies right away.

Keep watching this space for the painted figures!

Listening to: "Death Magnetic" the new Metallica album.