Saturday 8 November 2014

Crisis 2014


Even though I am a bit late, I'd like to say something regarding my visit to this year's Crisis Convention in Antwerp last Saturday. That said, this post will be devoid of photo's, since I forgot to bring the camera along and the pictures I took with my phone are too awful to use.

Luckily I didn't have to go there all alone, I was accompanied by my brother and old gaming buddy A-M, we didn't arrive any later than 10.30h yet still there was a pretty large cue at the entrance! We're not used to that at Crisis, but I do guess it's a good sign!

Unlike most years I had a rather themed wishlist and even some pre-orders in. So up and at them I went. The TSA guys and girls did a stiling job of clearing the cue asap and the goodie-bag we got was filled quite well indeed as has been stated on many other blogs around the bloggosphere where picture-reports abound as well for the more visually inclined of us.

Lately I am all taken in by two more or less fictional Victorian flavoured series, one being the "Space Captain Smith" novels by the ever esteemed Toby Frost and the "Ripperstreet" TV series.Therefore my search was up for some decent Victorian Sci-Fi mini's. In the end I bought more than enough of those to get me started, these include:
- two "In her Majesty's Name" startersets from North Star Miniatures (Scotland Yard and the Commune sets) and two of the "Tea-Time" series of figures from North Star.
- a blister of Wargames Foundry Western twon folk which inlcuded some bare-knuckle fighters and ladies of easy virtue to complement the street scenes in Victorian London.
- 4 sets of Ironclad Victorians (my first pre-order by the way).
- two Mini-art buildings: The goods shed and the Railway Station for my 20mm WW1 games.
- A small case of KR multicases X-Wing foam trays to store my X-wing dials and stuff and the Rebel Transport, I was kindly helped by boss Darryl himself with whom I went on a trip down memory lane since we both attended Crisis 5 years back for the first time and many things have changed since then.Their service cannot be beat!
I also bought the new Osprey "Steampunk Soldiers" book, which is well worth the hefty price.

All in all a very decent list I'd say, as every time I visit the Crisis I meet up with friends and also fail to meet up with others! Uwe where were you?!

Anyway it was a great day and I can't wait to attend next year!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "El Camino" by the Black Keys