Saturday 20 September 2008

Using the little ones in the Classroom!

Hi There!

Last week I had a teaching dilemma: I had to explain the major importance of the Great War and the change in warfare it instigated as opposed to all wars preceding it, to my 3rd classes (not the same as 3rd grade in the US, these kids are about 15/ 16 years old). Now I knew explaining the difference between, let's say, Napoleonic and Great War warfare is rather easy to us hobbyists but to make it clear to people not inducted in these secrets is a different story all together. So how was I to go about this? And then it hit me: you twat, you've got a showcase full of little teachers ready to help out! So I dragged a bag filled with Napoleonic and Great War plastics (mostly HäT of course) to school and did two demonstration lessons.

To one of those lessons I actually brought a camera, but forgot to make pictures during the Napoleonic phase and then remembered the camera and asked a pupil (thanks Eliana ;-) ) to make some shots. Those are pictured below.
After showing a French column at Waterloo being beaten by some Dutch Infantry and guns I showed this WW1 set-up. A German trench being assaulted by ANZAC infantry supported by a French FT17 (yeah I know I haven't got the Mk IV's ready yet). Oh the fat bloke in the red shirt is obviously yours truly...

Here a German Fokker Dr VII spots for the German artillery:

Close up of the trench:

Casualties are mounting:

Now I know that this works out nicely I might do this more often. It was fun for me and the kids seemed to like it too.

Thanks for being patient and not wrecking the classroom H3c and H3b!

Cheerio Sander