Saturday 18 September 2010

More AWI Black Powder

Hello All!

As promised  here are some more pictures of our BP AWI game.

Enjoy Sander!

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Friday 17 September 2010

WIP Italians Part III

Oy you!

Another short WIP update.

The next phase in the process consists of the trousers being covered with two layers of Valejo Pale Sand. The facings, waistcoats and turn-backs received a layer of Valejo Ivory.

The backpacks have greatcoats on them which received a first layer of Valejo Dark Grey Blue (V904) I will later highlight them... a bit ;-)
The cuffs and collar got a basecoat of Cavalry brown in order to receive GW Red Gore and finally Valejo Red in subsequent phases.

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Black Powder AWI Game

Hello again!

Yes yes, another update today! Last Saturday Pijlie and I played a Black Powder game at the DUCOSIM games-fair in Amersfoort (

We played a game loosely based on Freeman's Farm (a battle from the American War of Independence) which we used to practice for our impending Southern Campaign.

Here some pictures:

The table showing Pijlie's excellent terrain. Most of the armies were also his, with my current workload I have not been able to paint more troops then one infantry and one cavalry brigade.

My Scottish and Line regiment try to flush out some skirmishers in order to get to the regulars next. This turned out to be a bit of a hitch. The skirmishers actually functioned as a speed bump for pretty much all the game.

Before the game we diced for each unit to see in what turn they'd enter the game. Unfortunately most of my army would turn up from turn 4, my opponent had most of his troops by turn 3. Even though I fine-tuned my plan of attack to this situation, and wohay this was the first battle ever in which my plan actually worked, I was a bit apprehensive when on my left flank a large division of Militia appeared. Part of which can be seen below.

Fortunately for me the militia proved to be as unreliable as their real world counterparts, and they didn't do much besides walking away for the entire game.

Pijlie had these brilliant Continental Light Dragoons trying to threaten my right flank but a devastating charge from my Grenadiers saw to them and sent them packing.

Unit of the match are the American skirmisher who kept me from overrunning the American left flank earlier in the game:

More pictures will follow soon.

Cheers Sander

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WIP Italians Part II

Dear People,

Today's update brings you the following two steps in my Italian Napoleonic WIP. Here you can see that I painted all trousers, facings, turnbacks and belts with GW's Snakebite leather. This forms the basis for the next layers which will be Valejo Ivory and Pale sand.

Below you can see that I painted the backpacks Valejo Hull Red as a basecoat for the eventual colour which will be Valejo Light Brown.

Cheers Sander

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