Sunday 13 December 2015

White metal galore!


Some time ago I bought a few 1:72 white metal figures sets. I totally forgot about these and as such have not posted on them here. Since I am still preparing stuff for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge like mad, I stumbled along them and thought I'd put some stuff up here.

Firstly I bought some Dutch and Belgian Napoleonic Carabineers, 95th Rifles and miscellaneous characters from Hagen Miniatures.  I like the poses a lot and specially the Carabineers have loads of separate weapons and arms making them very customizable indeed. Sadly quite a lot of plumes were broken during transport, but that happens.

I have painted some of the Belgians up as testers since they are sold in 5 packs for the troopers and a separate command pack of officer and trumpeter. My cavalry units are 10 man strong and so I was left with some extra's and they make great testers.

Next up are some Franznap figures. I bought the General Lasalle with ADC and Davout besides some French artillery sets from them and they are really great although a bit on the fiddly side.

I am still pondering how to base these and what other figures to include on the command bases.

Oh well I will think of something I am sure.