Saturday 21 May 2011

Ho ho hoplites!


Okay that's a corny title for today's update but it's just one of them days... Feeling a bit under the weather and I've just bunged up the decal on the shield of the hoplite below. Here are the first testers for my 28mm Ancient

First up is a picture of the piper and one finished hoplite

Next up: 3 more shots of the hoplite on his own

I am not satisfied by far, the base is off, the shield decal is rubbish and I missed a line on the helmet (which I have corrected on the model already). Well anyway that's what we have test-figures for.

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 18 May 2011

A big step forward...

...or is it backwards?

Whether you like or dislike the 28mm scale figures, I have some pictures of my very first 28mm plastic Greeks for you. I have put together a unit of Classical Greek Hoplites from a kit made by Immortal Miniatures The kits are tremendous fun and go together very well. I have all 3 different boxed sets. Each one presents you with a certain amount of basic sprues which are in every box and then some sprues with conversion parts to give that extra flavour to your troops.Also included in the box are a booklet with lots of useful information, a sprue with plastic bases and a sheet of decals for your shield-designs, very good value for your money.

For aesthetic reasons I chose to mount the figures on GW regimental and 25x25mm bases. The arms with shields I have fixed to wire in order to get to the figure better when painting.

Cheers Sander

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