Thursday 4 August 2011

Holiday Update Part VIII


Just a picture update of some nice new Napoleonics. This time I present you with the 33rd Regiment of Foot in firing line. The figures are mostly Revell with some ACTA mixed in for good measure. The Ensigns are conversions since we are still awaiting a new British command set, like HäT's, coming out.

Also I'd like to mention I obtained two very nice books today. First off is the new Black Powder supplement "The Last Argument of  Kings". I haven't had time to read it in it's entirety but just the pictures are worth it by themselves.
The second book I bought is Hourtoulle's "Jena and Auerstad" and it's great as well. I'm not planning to do any of the two battles soon but am doing the Prussian and Saxon armies featured in this tome so the uniform plates come in mighty handy.

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Holiday Update Part VII: BatReps


As my last battle against Mark, left me fleeing the field of battle, even though I claim the moral high-ground due to killing Ikkit, I wasn't up to fight another game and produce an even higher lost-games-count. By now steam was coming out of the ears of David and Jesper, overcome as they were by all rules and dice-modifiers that had been thrown over the table just now. So Mark and I decided to play a game of All Things Zombie. Me featuring as GM and the other 3 as the players.
Now I know some of you think ATZ is just a bunch of "Malarky"but the gameplay is very fluid and makes for great fun-games too.

So there you have it, 3 teams of soldiers (spetznatz, US National Guard and US Special Forces) have to rescue some scientists from a cabin in the woods...but which cabin? And if you pick the wrong cabin, what's inside?


Cheers Sander

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Monday 1 August 2011

Holiday Update Part VI: BatReps


Roughly a week ago I played two games with some friends. Mark and myself had decided to play a game of Warhammer Fantasy, his Skaven and my Dwarfs are age old enemies by now and always like to clobber each other. As some friends of us, David and Jesper, are starting out in the wondrous world of gaming we invited them to come watch.
In the heat of battle I forgot to keep track of everything but here are some pics:

Deployment and rolling for first turn:

Skaven menacing front-line:

The Skaven clash with the Dwarflord his hammerers and the Iron-breakers, for the record: the dwarfs charged!

Loads of dead rats:
Most of the Skaven centre on the run:

Our Doom is wheeling near...

Ikkit claw in combat with the Runesmith, this battle he won, only to perish in the end...

The tide is turning and so are the dwarven warriors
Skaven slaves charge and vanquish a unit of thunderers

The Skaven overcome the fence and the Dwarfs flee

The most memorable events were Mark shooting his jezzails and gasmortar at the dwarfs, killing two warriors (i.e. 16 pts in my army list) only to blow up his mortar, 3 jezzails and some other regular Skaven amounting to about 160 points of his list and his warpfirelightingcannon scoring a hit on my warriors (with a potential 9 hits) and Mark realising the rules for the darn thing had changed so he rolls the artillery dice instead and rolls a misfire and blows up the gun!

More pictures of this day of gaming soon!

Cheers Sander

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