Friday 13 July 2012

Back to bases!


Several people have asked me how I create my bases, so here's a WIP on how I create my bases.

First what stuff do we need?

We need the following:
- the figures you want to base
- bases (in this case renedra plastic cavalry bases)
- a craft knife for tidying things up
- universal wall filler (I use Alabastine, but any sort will work)
- an oil-painters utensil called "painters-knife" in Dutch don't know the English name.
- superglue, mine's Pattex gell.
- some grit or gravel 

Now the first step is to glue the horses to the bases, I leave off the riders and paint them separately.

Let the glue cure for a while, to ensure a good bond. Next up I take the painters-knife and smear some wall filler on the base making sure to cover the models' base.

Finish the entire base and while the wall filler hasn't set yet, you can add little amounts of grit in order to make it look more like true ground. Now if you do not smooth out the filler it will end up giving loads of texture  so you don't need to add grit.

If you want to do something extra to the base you could add spare parts as battlefield debris from your bits box. I put on this musket for example but lots of things are possible, like drums or backpacks or cannon balls and even headgear taken from head-swaps for instance.

Hope this has been helpful,

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 11 July 2012

London calling...


Well yesterday we returned from  nice family vacation in London! It actually was Arthur's first holiday abroad and he endured all the new things coming down on a 9 months old kid like a real trooper.

Among all the things we visited was the Imperial War Museum:

One of the most important things is dinner, or lunch, or breakfast anything to eat anyway, the food really surprised me and we had loads of 'real' English food which was great.

Since we're back now: services (i.e. updates) will resume as normal again.

Cheers Sander

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Monday 9 July 2012

Army Showcase Part VI: ECW Royalists


Today brings you both an Army Showcase as well as a For Sale item since the army showcased here is up for grabs.

As happens so often to us gamers I bought Warhammer Historicals ECW ages ago and started building an 1:72 ECW army from Revell and ACTA figures. I've painted up two blue regiments with both Pike and Shotte and a red one with the Pikes ready and heaps of shotte still undone. I have also finished two guns with crew as well as some skirmishers. Riders are in the works as well with two boxes worth of troops part based part unpainted. I also have some boxes of unpainted stuff lying around as you can see from the pictures.

The whole bunch together:

Some close ups:

Ideally I'd like to get €120,- for the lot or something good for trade, excluding P&P, contact me here via a comment or via First come is first to buy!

At this moment in time the army has been sold already, sorry people!

Cheers Sander

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