Tuesday 28 May 2013

Impact part 1


Last Sunday I attended the Impact games convention in Uden, the Netherlands. This convention has been organised for it's second year now by the Hired Guns wargames club, ably led by my buddy Koen. This event report will be made up of two parts. This, the first part, will concern the event in itself and the second half will be specifically devoted to the Black Powder demo Jan Willem (Pijlie) and me did at the convention. I cannot keep myself from loudly yelling I WON! This is very unique since usually I loose and this time the plan I had envisaged up front actually worked, how often does that happen?

More on that later. Last year the event was a bit smaller so we now had to move into a sporting complex gym hall. Quite roomy yet still very cosy. The sellers were located along the rooms walls while the games stands were put around them. Smack in the middle were the tables used for the ever popular Scrapheap challenge.

I wasn't able to get a picture of the complete hall but a photo-tour can be found here.Unfortunately everybody including my friend Mark is in there except me and J.W...
Anyway the convention housed both a Dystopian Wars and Warmachine tournament and I must say the terrain of both looked incredibly cool!

There was plenty to see demo-wise. There was a Black Powder demo set in 1690 by the Alde Garde.

A demo of Battleground Kursk with insane amounts of 15mm tanks by two very nice gentlemen whose names I forgot to ask, sorry for this omission...

There was a demo of  Tank World, a 1:48 tank battle game and a The Great War by the Hired Guns themselves. And of course the Demo of J.W. and myself on which later more.

J.W. is seen here deploying his French, Hessian and British Imagination alliance, which I completely OBLITERATED, oh yeah I won, I won, I did it, I won... erm yes, well back to some sanity.
During the day J.W. kindly lend me his camera to make some pictures so many thanks to Pijlie   Therefore I made loads of more pictures but quite a lot of them were not publishable so for now this is it picture wise.

There was a painting competition but I made a major booboo. Let's explain: last year I won in the historical category, this year, without really taking notice, I entered a model (the Governor, displayed elsewhere on this blog) and put 'historical' on the slip and entered it. Martin of miniatuurwereld.com, did the same with his French Lancers, only to discover at the announcing of the winners, that the entire category didn't exist this year....DOH!   Oh well, can't have it all; besides I still beat J.W. yeah I won, I won, I did it, I won... erm yes,well another lapse there sorry!

The was very well organised, nice catering on premisses, free parking and meeting up with old friends so I will try and make it next year!

Watch this space for a battle-report for the only battle this year I have actually managed to WIN!

Cheers Sander

P.S. Did I mention the fact that I won?

Listening to: "We are the Champions" by Queen!