Friday 9 August 2013



At the Impact convention last May I obtained two Scotia Grendel Nemesis Assault Bipeds for the total price of €5,- Yes that's right just 5 euro's. From the start I knew I was going to convert them into mechs for the Battletroops 25mm scale. When I actually got time to do this, the problem was which Battletech mech would come closest and ergo cost the least amount of converting. In the end I settled for the Raptor light mech. One of the Bipeds had bean painted partially already and I took this one to experiment with and this is what I managed to do to it.

And a picture with my latest regular CBT mech as a size reference.

If you were able to guess the origin of the parts used you're a toff ;-)

Cheers Sander

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Monday 5 August 2013

Some 28mm Napoleonics


As a rule I do not paint 28mm figures in order to create historical armies, yet a fair amount of figures of said scale finds it's way to my paintdesk.
The two pictured below are special edition figures obtained by buying the Waterloo and Peninsula source-books for Black Powder direct from Warlord Games.

The ensign is supposed to depict a Foot Guards officer, I didn't paint him like that as you can see. To me the yellow faced Redcoat is the quintessential British soldier for the Napoleonic Wars. As he's wearing a stovepipe I've done him up in campaigndress complete wit repair patches to his trousers and jacket.

Cheers Sander

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