Saturday 14 September 2019

Meet and greet...


As I told you all a while ago the family and myself visited the UK during the summer. We stayed in Canterbury for two weeks and visited the surroundings. Margate and Hern Bay were interesting places to see and London is always a thrill, specially when going to Hamleys with two small lads...

Anyway, one of the absolute highlights of the holidays for me was going to Rye in order to hook up with the legendary Lord Awdry of "28mm Victorian Warfare" fame. We met up at the railway station and immediately set out to find a suitable pub to catch up. We had some excellent pints and refreshments as well as some brilliant discussions, both about the hobby and work, us being in the same line of work and all.

Rye is a brilliant little town and we even had time to visit the local toy soldier shop, Soldiers of Rye, run by an excellently entertaining gentleman who casts and paints his own products and sells some nice books. He even gave us some solid vacation booking advice as well as some nice personal stories.

Some excellent brews were enjoyed and I really had to remind myself I was drinking pints (European glasses tend to contain less beer) This one I particularly liked.

Michael is one of the Hobby's Legends to me and so it was brilliant to be able to meet him. The last time, and also first time, we met was 2 years ago at Hastings and we forgot to take a picture back then, just as I forgot to take one of Arthur, Curt and myself way back. This time we remembered and well I can only hope it wasn't the last opportunity for a mug-shot and we will get more in the future.

I'd say this is what this hobby is all about: gaining new friends to learn from, enjoy each others company and have great fun in general!

Thanks mate and hopefully till next time!

Cheers Sander

Sunday 8 September 2019

Sisters of Battle


Quite some years ago I owned a nice sizeable army of Sisters of Battle for 40k. During my GW Dark-Age however, I sold most of my armies and with them the Sisters. Selling them was hard, it was the army I most hated to het rid off, recently the news that plastic SoB's are on the horizon filtered through to me and I jumped on the wagon again. I have obtained quite a lot of SoB characters and Sisters and even some stuff I didn't own back in the days of old. Painting is slow because I cannot choose what colour scheme. I have found a great blue and white scheme on Pinterest but when I did a test- figure it didn't feel right...

So I started on some of the other figures to start with. Two Death Cult Assasins and a Hospitaler.

The Hospitaler is one of the few figures I kept back from my original army and she wore pretty much the same colours then.  

The Assasins are new, well okay second hand since I bought off Ebay, a great source of figures specially if they come at a nice price.

I really like how the Assasins turned out, I am less sure about the hospitaler. I was not able to get the details as crisp as I would like to.

In between other stuff I have been doing some small commissions, one is a few figures for a friend from his Gloomhaven game. They are some of the main characters, but I cannot say I like them all too much. The detail is shallow and the material is a bit too soft.

We played two quests from the game and the gameplay is not to bad, but it is a far too expensive game with the RPG part of it taken way to much time. It's not my cup of tea.

Next up my trip to the UK!