Tuesday 1 November 2011

E20 is here!


Today my order of HäT E20 releases came in and I am quite happy with them. What did I get? Well I'll tell you. First off are a box of these two sets:
8191 Zulu Warriors and 8271 Dervish Warrior, I have no intentions of building huge armies for them but I do have Colonial British troops and would like to use these for skirmish games in the jungles or desert. 

To top this of I got two sets each of 8235 WWI Highlanders and the 8236 WWI Indian Infantry.  

Now let's analyse these sets. The Zulu Warriors and Dervishes are both part of an ongoing series, there are Dervish camel-riders and NNC troops to accompany them. Therefore it's no problem to me that both these sets only include 8 poses. They'll suffice for my purposes. The Zulu's are armed pretty much as expected with assegai's and clubs coupled with shields. The Dervishes present a decent mix of rifle armed and close-combat armed individuals including Kiplings famous "Fuzzy-Wuzzies". I can supplement them with ESCI command figures and so create a little warband to attack my British skirmish patrols. A set of British Colonial infantry is in the works so we'll be having heaps of fun in Darkest Africa in time. 

The Great War sets are a great bunch too. Both sets feature subjects unseen before in the hobby. The Indian troops can be used for a nigh uncountable amount of theatres of war and are thus very useful. The Highlanders are dressed in mid war Western Font gear and while I have enough chaps for an elite company in the Great War game now, I'll probably end up doing an entire battalion in the end. Some conversions are needed though, both sets lack officers so I'm going to have to create those from other sets. Some head-swaps will probably be enough. But the helmets of the Scots I would like to feature pompoms and covering so that'll mean I have to get out the green stuff...

I'll keep you posted on any developments...

Cheers Sander,

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Sunday 30 October 2011



When Arthur was born the nice chaps at HäT provided me with an all-new avatar for their forum:

I really like this one, as it seems it's rather hard to get hold of... Anyway it fits in nicely with all the avatars down below on my blog. It would actually be a great idea to turn them into sew-on patches for my HäT gear but it's simply too expensive...

Cheers Sander

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