Monday 2 June 2014

Mid-year survey!


Since the 6th month of the year has just started I thought I'd just make up the balance of painted figures so far. In all I think I didn't do badly at all, it's just I wish I would have finished more of the little blighters. Oh well...

Napoleonics:          91
SYW:                    19
West End SW:       09
X-wing mini's:        06
CBT Battletroops: 18
Ancients:               72
WW2:                   05
Vehicles:                02
Dystopian Wars:    30
Assorted historics: 53

Yes dear readers/ viewers, you'll see that amongst the numbered above are miniatures which have not featured on the blog itself. This is due to the fact that I consider some of them to be of little interest (like the 30 Dystopian Wars buildings I did) or because they are a surprise for a good friend, like the 71 Ancient Sumerians, which have now been posted and on their way to their new owner.
Others, like the Battletroops and vehicles will feature in future blog posts so no worries there.

So what's on the workbench at the moment?

 I am currently painting some barricades for jungle terrain made from a sushi-mat, there's a "Into the Valley of Death" vignette in preparation, and I just received a small order of Hasslefree mini's on which more later!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Stille" by Lacrimosa