Tuesday 3 July 2012

Vorwärts! Update Althann Dragoons


Today's update brings you the latest regiment of Austrian Dragoons I've finished. Most of the Austrian dragoon regiments have red or even blue uniforms and since the British are red-uniformed as well I wanted to avoid these regiments for my Austrian army in order to prevent confusion on the tabletop. Now this leaves me with the choice of the many green-uniformed regiments and the Althann regiment which had white uniforms. Having done a green-coated regiment already I decided to go for the latter and here are the results with which I am very pleased.

New about the painting-approach I took to finish these chaps is that I base-coated them in Army-painter rat-fur (i.e. brown). This then gave me the option of washing much of the horses which is great since I really HATE doing horses! Well then here are the pictures:

As you can see at the Kronoskaf-page linked above not much is known about the banner except that it was red; so I kept the banner included with the figures and painted it red.

Cheers Sander

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Monday 2 July 2012

For Sale!


Well I too have finally succumbed to the need to sell off miniatures and stuff much loved but superfluous...  In the column on the right of the blog page you will find a bar saying For Sale! It will show the stuff I'd like to sell or trade. At the moment I've found two Flames of War source books: Desert Rat and Desert Fox I got ages ago and which I do not have a use for. At the time I was thinking of building 20mm British and German forces for the War in Africa but since I discarded all WW2 gaming quite quickly afterwards these are now on the to-go list. I'd ideally get €10,- each excluding P&P or something nice to trade them for. The books are in mint condition not being used other then leafing through once or twice.

Contact me via the blog or on straet@gmail.com for details.

Cheers Sander