Thursday 31 December 2009

Happy Newyear!

Dear Everybody!

The Year's close to it's last hour and I'd like to thank everyone for checking up this blog from time to time and for your constructive criticism! Also I'd like to wish you all a good New Year's Eve fest and all the best for 2010.

To show some festive pictures I've chosen some taken from our house when the snow was lying 30 cms thick.

The back of our house:

Along the house we have a terras which also has a bird feeding stand and you can see from the amount of snow on it's roof just how thick the layer actually was.

The back of the garden looked like this:

Cheers Sander!

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Wednesday 23 December 2009

Dwarfs ahoy!

Hoi Everybody!

The last week I have had some more Hobby time to paint and stuff. Since I am planning to play a large Warhammer Fantasy game with a couple of friends next week I started to work on the last 3 units of Dwarfs I still had lying around the place. Below are pictures of the unit of thunderers which I finished Sunday.

I still have a unit of 20 dwarf warriors and 15 Hammerers in cue whether I finish them in time? I hope so!

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 9 December 2009

As Promissed!

Hi Folks!

As I promised, here are some pictures of new figures. For starters I have painted up some HäT Napoleonic Bavarians in 28mm scale. I was inspired by mister Mac Phee's work  here's how this turned out.

The green coats are from the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment. The others a more general Line Regiment.

Below are two pictures of the start of my British Colonial Army for use with the new Black Powder rules. At the moment I have two regular British Infantry regiments and two Indian Army Regiments. A Gatling gun and Gardner gun complement the lot. In the works are a large Highlander unit (the Gordons) Royal Navy troops, mounted Infantry, Camelry and more artillery pieces.

Hope you like them,

Cheers Sander

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Monday 7 December 2009

Eddie 15!

Hoi everybody!

Last Saturday I received a shipment of sets from the latest HäT releases. These batches of releases are called Eddie and then their release number in this case 15. See From this particular lot, I got the Australian Light Horse a much awaited set around the world and nicely done. Some WW1 Heavy weapons sets, some Austrian Napoleonic Artillery and several El Cid sets the latter I am specially looking forward to painting because they will be something different altogether.

No pictures at the moment but watch this space because I will post some soon!

Cheers Sander

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Monday 23 November 2009

Daft Wullie!

Hoi There!

Today's update shows you my version of the Warlord Games free Big Wullie figure you get when ordering Black Powder direct from them. I painted him as a Grenadier of the Gordon Highlanders.

Hope you like him!

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Crisis 2009

Hoi People!

Last Saturday a Friend (Mark) and yours truly went to Crisis 2009 in Antwerp. After last years experience I just had to go again.

This link shows you a Picture report of some of the games on display.

As I had a somewhat bigger budget now I was able to get lots of goodies:

- Several boxes of 1:72 Plastics
- Metal SHQ Portuguese
- A Freebooter limited edition figure of a lovely flamingo dancer
- Some Battletech source-books
- A Limited edition figure set from Warlord Games featuring Macro and Cato the main characters from the Simon Scarrow novels about the Roman 2nd Legion.
- Some Resin terrain features

We had a great time thanks to the excellent work done by the Organisers!

Cheers Sander

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Thursday 5 November 2009

I'm back!

Hoi Everyone!

For some time I have been absent from the blog but now I am back. I got married and bought a new house so you'll understand I had to use my time differently from the usual painting but now I have had some time to paint and here are the first results of that.

Below are pictures of my French Hussar Conversions, I still need to give them a coat of varnish and some grass flock:

Below you can see the new Zvezda French Lancers painted as the Chevaux Legere Lanciers de Berg

Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 12 August 2009

Picture Update part 1!


As promised more pictures of stuff awaiting your approval!

This figure is the Prince of Orange (about 1815) from the new Waterloo1815 mounted officers set.

From the same set is this Dutch Line Infantry officer.

These two Royal Horse guards are actually some of my oldest figures in the collection. I originally painted them up when I was 15 or so and have now re-done them to look somewhat better.

Then something different! This figure is a Privateer Press 'Bodger' for Warmachine. I quite liked to put the base together of all kinds of scraps, odds and bits lying around.

A very characterfull figure if I may say so myself.

Cheers Sander

Picture Update, part 2!

Hoi Everybody!

As I have been saying for some time; painting time is very limited over here but I have managed to photograph some figures that have been standing here ready for some time in order to showcase them here.

First some WW1 Shots.

HäT ANZAC stretcher bearers:

HäT Turkish HMG with head-swap.

Another ANZAC stretcher bearer shot

HäT Turkish Gunner with headswap

More Turkish head-swaps, a bomber (left) and gunner (right)

Watch out for more pics here!

Cheers Sander

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Thursday 30 July 2009

WW1 Russian Army

Dear Folks!

An old-time favourite and long running project has finally been finished! With this I have come back to the basics again: the very first test-shots I painted for HäT were the Russian WW1 Heavy weapon set Now I managed to create an entire Russian Army.

Down below is the Army in total

The picture below is of the officers of the Battalion HQ: general, flag bearer and signaller. All HäT figures.

Not all troops are HäT most notably are the Russian Hussars pictured here. I combined two Strelets sets (Don Cossacks and Hussars) with the horses of Italeri's Scots Greys I do not like Strelets in general but they are the only ones at the moment who seem to be producing WW1 cavalry sets. HäT have some brilliant masters up on their forum so there will eventually be those to use and I can't wait!

1st Company Command squad with converted Banner and heavy weapons crew as command figures, showing the versatile nature of this Heavy Weapon set.

Yet again a picture of the Hussars (I hate the blogger-way of uploading pictures!)

The machine gun pictured here is made by Retrokit and done in Resin they have some brilliant WW1 sets to complement existing ranges, I got mine from

The close observer will note that some of the figures used are in fact old ESCI Crimea figures. Most notably one gun-crew and some figures to complete the infantry squads. I also used HäT French 75mm guns as no real set of the Putilov is available, again HäT has one in the works and I just have to be patient. For the army-list I used an experimental list I found on the
Bases are mostly 2 and 5 eurocent coins and some GW bases, finished in my usual method.
Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 19 July 2009

In between!

Hi Folks!

Well things are pretty busy over here even though the Summer Holidays have started. There's few enough that I can photograph and show you so I thought I'd share some youtube stuff with you:

Brilliant kazoo sketch:

Star Wars Tribute, mind the lyrics!

Swiss Drum Corps


Tuesday 9 June 2009

Italian Commission Finished!

Dear Folks!

Here's another series of pictures concerning my Napoleonic Italian Commission. Just like with the 3rd regiment of the Line, which I have painted earlier, I sent all figures without bases to their owner. He then put them up on bases and took the pictures shown below against a scenic backdrop, enjoy:

5th Regiment of the Line

Rear-view of said regiment

The Light of Légère Regiment

The 3 regiment brigade

Cheers Sander!

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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Colonial Infantry


As a go-between I present to you one of my longer running projects: some British Colonial Infantry. I got these figures from one of my German pals long ago and I can't even remember who made them. Since I plan to play several games set in the Sudan in the future, and possibly some fictional ones I painted several of the troops in the grey used for the Sudan campaign.

Cheers Sander
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Sunday 24 May 2009

Napoleonic Hussars!

Hi There!

Today's update is of a little project I wanted to do for some time! Inspired by the brilliant book concerning the Dutch Belgian cavalry at Waterloo by André Dellevoet:

This book has ALL Dutch and Belgian Regiments depicted in colour-plates of both Full- and Campaign dress. So I decided to do the 8th Belgian Hussars. I used Revell Chasseurs de Garde and one Italeri Chasseur and to give them a face, I used HäT heads. Hope you like the pics.

Cheers Sander

Monday 18 May 2009

Spring Assault!

Hoi Peoples!

Last Saturday I played two very cool games of The Great War at a gamesfair in Amersfoort (the Netherlands). My opponent was Jan Willem van der Pijl, he played a list of Late French (800pts) including two Renault tanks and a lot of troops in a self-made trench.
My Late German Assault Company (of 1200pts) inclucing a A7V, had to take said trench from the French. At the beginning of the game I got a preliminary bombardment as per the special rules in the Rulebook and destroyed almost all wire sections and the French Battalion HQ! This was brilliant! Less brilliant was that JW blew up my sturmpanzer in turn 2... In the first game I failed to reach the trench, my troops being mown down crossing no-man's land. So we decided to play another game with me starting far closer to the trench. In about two turns I had reached the trench and my Sturmtruppen broke open the left flank of the trench. My assault company supported by a flamer massacared the right flank troops before jumping in with cold steel.

I somehow managed to mess up importing the pictures below so I'll start with pics of game two.

The two of us discussing the scenario.

Game 2:

The flamerteam advancing on the trench.

The flamer in action killing 4 out of 5 man hit!

The sturmies enter the trench and start dishing out some serious ouch-time!

Consolidating into the trench. I kept overrunning fleeing troops into new squads...

Game 1:
The blown up panzer, later on you'll see a close up of the thing still running.

French Reinforcements reach their positions. To the left the tip of my Fokker dr VII is showing I managed to drop one bomb before being shot down.

Close up of the trench:

German artillery and reserves:

French Battalion HQ Command post.

Close up of my A7V advancing under cover of the Sturmies

No man's land

I had an incredible time thanks go the JW who was very sporting and cool to play with. As a matter of fact this was my 7th and 8th game of TGW and in these games I learned to know my force faster and better then my 40K forces in almost 15 years of gaming...
Anyway a very pleasing set of games.
JW has done an article on these games too at the
Cheers Sander
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Monday 4 May 2009

More Figures!

Just to finish today's update

Here are two pictures of the HäT 28mm El Cid Archer I showed a while ago.

Rear view:

On the whole I am totally against violence against women, animals and so on, but this vignette is part of the Orion Pirates set and so I had to get it painted. Not my best piece but nice all the same:

And yet again a rear view:

See you! Sander