Monday 18 May 2009

Spring Assault!

Hoi Peoples!

Last Saturday I played two very cool games of The Great War at a gamesfair in Amersfoort (the Netherlands). My opponent was Jan Willem van der Pijl, he played a list of Late French (800pts) including two Renault tanks and a lot of troops in a self-made trench.
My Late German Assault Company (of 1200pts) inclucing a A7V, had to take said trench from the French. At the beginning of the game I got a preliminary bombardment as per the special rules in the Rulebook and destroyed almost all wire sections and the French Battalion HQ! This was brilliant! Less brilliant was that JW blew up my sturmpanzer in turn 2... In the first game I failed to reach the trench, my troops being mown down crossing no-man's land. So we decided to play another game with me starting far closer to the trench. In about two turns I had reached the trench and my Sturmtruppen broke open the left flank of the trench. My assault company supported by a flamer massacared the right flank troops before jumping in with cold steel.

I somehow managed to mess up importing the pictures below so I'll start with pics of game two.

The two of us discussing the scenario.

Game 2:

The flamerteam advancing on the trench.

The flamer in action killing 4 out of 5 man hit!

The sturmies enter the trench and start dishing out some serious ouch-time!

Consolidating into the trench. I kept overrunning fleeing troops into new squads...

Game 1:
The blown up panzer, later on you'll see a close up of the thing still running.

French Reinforcements reach their positions. To the left the tip of my Fokker dr VII is showing I managed to drop one bomb before being shot down.

Close up of the trench:

German artillery and reserves:

French Battalion HQ Command post.

Close up of my A7V advancing under cover of the Sturmies

No man's land

I had an incredible time thanks go the JW who was very sporting and cool to play with. As a matter of fact this was my 7th and 8th game of TGW and in these games I learned to know my force faster and better then my 40K forces in almost 15 years of gaming...
Anyway a very pleasing set of games.
JW has done an article on these games too at the
Cheers Sander
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