Tuesday 24 January 2012

Dystopian Wars Battle Part I


Yesterday Pijlie (JW) and I played 2 games of Dystopian Wars and now I'm well and truly hooked!
Not only because I won both games, but mainly because the gameplay is easygoing, far easier than the rulebook implies. These games were a first timer in many ways, they were the first games of 2012, they were my first DW games, they were also the first games little Arthur enjoyed ;-) and they were my first naval games.
JW used the Covenant of Antartica and  was commodore of the Kingdom of Britannia.The terrain is all JW's home-made brew.
I won't bother you with the step by step report but go straight on to the pictures

These pictures are all of the first game, and all mine I do not have JW's pics yet and will post them together with pictures of the second game at a later date.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 22 January 2012

Avast me mates!


And just when you think my birthday is well and truly over, it isn't! I'm a bit late with this post but it has been mighty busy here, but last weekend I received a large package from my good ole mate AM. What did the box contain? I here you cry! Well just about everything you need to play Freebooters Fate. Yeah you heard that right everything! Let's make a list:
- the rulebook of course.
- a pack of cards needed to play (these are used instead of dice...yep I had to get used to that too)
- a Pirate crew starter box
- an Imperial crew starter box
Now there's two things I don't wanna think about: for starters the amount of money this present must have cost... as I said I'm not gonna think about it (whoops just did, didn't I?) and second the fact that I have carefully steered away from this game for sooo long because it was going to cost me if I got involved. I used to buy a Freebooter miniature at every DUZI and Crisis convention I'd attend since these are just amazing sculpts and I actually have two or three Freebooter's Fate mini's here but entering in the game was just too much temptation... now the die errm card is cast and there's no way out!And oh boy: they've just announced a gang of Amazons...I hate you AM!

A second present I ordered myself: I had got two coupons for the www.bol.com site. This site is a sort of European Amazon.com site and as such I mostly use it to order books and the like, but it also sells LEGO... now there's a new TIE-figther out and so I ordered that and now I can say it's brilliant and far better than the earlier incarnation.

Well then, later today JW (Pijlie) is coming over for a game of Dystopian Wars.