Thursday 29 July 2010

Italian Commission

Hoi There!

Today's update brings you a picture of more of the commission figures. This represents the Italian Napoleonic Foot Artillery. Now I just need to paint the horses, limbers and a caisson. That will finish all the artillery figures and than all that's left is a regiment of Early Italian Foot.

On a different note here's a picture of my AWI Royal Artillery. I used Revell and IMEX figures and gave them Italeri Light Dragoon heads, this way they represent the RA in Light Infantry caps.

Cheers Sander

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Monday 26 July 2010

Napoleonic Ponderings...

Hoi Everyone!

The latest HäT testshots arrived here and they include the new Napoleonic Austrians and 28mm Prussians. These have forced me to think about what kind of armies I want to do for the Napoleonic period. They are all so immensely cool that I cannot possibly start building armies for every country. So I have come to the following conclusion:

for wargaming:

1) Early Nap. Period:

- French (of course), around 1812 period so I can combine old and new uniforms and use the army for both early and late period
- 1806 Prussians
- 1806 Russians

2) Late Nap. Period:

- Waterloo campaign Dutch/ Belgians (including Nassau en Brunswick)
- Late War Russians (small force)
- Late War Prussians ( for Waterloo Campaign)
- Waterloo Campaign British (mostly Revell Infantry and arty and HäT cav)

3) Peninsular War:

- I am going to do the 1812 British army with Portuguese allies (no Spanish because they became a large part of the Allied army later on)
- French Allies like Vistula legion and such who can also be used for earlier German Campaigns

For Diorama Building:

1) Still Salamanca 1812:

- Same British as for above but only the 3rd Division in a 1 : 5 ratio.
- French Maucune's Division in same ratio (I am probably gonna build them of the HäT chasseurs set entirely by converting them to line infantry)

Biggest problem for the Peninsular War is the great lack of Portuguese Infantry and British cavalry and RHA. 

 Just to let you know :-)

Greetings Sander

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