Friday 29 April 2011

Moritori Nullumus Mori II


Last Update I promised you pictures of my Foundry Roman Gladiators. Well they're done now and here they are. Before we take a closer look I have to make some comments of things I'll do different next time. The base sizes differ because I've painted the African gladiator separately from the rest and placed him on a smaller base. The wounded guy is on a round base since he wouldn't fit on a square one, this also gave me the option of adding a shield as added interest on the base. Now I know there would probably be no grass in the arena but the bases were really bare and so I added the grass to break up the empty space.

The idea behind the colour schemes is that they are paired off in 3 different colours: 2 blues, 2 whites and 2 reds. Either they're from 3 different lanista's or one lanista has divided the gladiators from his ludus in 3 teams. The shield designs are more personal to depict the gladiators own preferences.
To me these chaps turned out to be a test of skin-tone painting skills. I think I partly succeeded; both the blue gladiators turned out okay, the others which I tried to give a more Mediterranean skin-tone turned out too light.

Given all that I'm pretty contend with their overall appearance, so without further ado here they are!

A group-shot:

The Blues: an African- and Germanic Tribesman

The Reds, my personal favourites due to their armour and the shield.

The whites.

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Moritori Nullumus Mori!


Finally, another update! I've been terribly busy with all kinds of stuff not hobby related. Today I found a little time to finish off one of the little projects I had lying around being some Foundry Roman Gladiators

I'll take pictures asap to put up here.

Cheers Sander

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