Thursday 22 July 2010


Hoi Peoples!

Since I am still painting away on my commissions There's relatively little new to tell regarding figures, so I thought I'd show you yet another one of my passions: LEGO.
Ever since I was a boy I liked LEGO a lot, the possibilities of building are great, of course after a certain age you stop playing with the stuff. If you go on "playing" with LEGO it becomes designing or model making and you become an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO) rather then a kid playing with bricks. When small I used to really want to own and play with those Star Wars action figures but they were already pretty expensive then and I didn't get any.  In later life LEGO came out with the LEGO Star Wars range and I fell for it immediately, well the OT range at any rate. So I dived into the world of AFOLism and have been steadily building a collection of OT sets.

My brother is a big fan of GIJOE action fans and since we used to play with those a lot when kids I got a hit of that too. Now when I stumbled along the possibility to make your own custom minifigures of GIJOE I was hooked and decided to make my own.

Here are my first few MOC's :

The top pictures shows my version of Lowlight and the Baroness, the second shows Flint, Bazooka and Scarlett. All their heads need new, custom faces but I made a mistake of printing the decals on white backed decal paper and have now to wait for clear paper in order not to get a white spot behind the facial features.

The decals I got from:

The weapons are from

Some of the helmets and other stuff is from

It is amazing what kinda stuff is available. I am waiting for really red hair for Scarlet and a beret for Flint. Watch this space for more customs in the future!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: Alanis Morissette MTV unplugged (yeah I know...)