Sunday 9 May 2021




Quite a lot of you Blogger guys have been ranting about the downright bad service Photobucket has been supplying recently. I didn't notice I had surpassed my set amount of pictures for my Free account and as such a lot of the pictures in my older blogposts were being hidden by PB untill I upgraded. They didn't notify me about this which I think isn't really civil. This morning I received a notice that my account had been inactive for quite some time, so if I didn't activate it would be closed down. 


Just a random picture of me for interest ;-)

Well I activated, noticed the "exceeding hosting limits" notification and since I had no desire of upgrading I tried to delete my account. The latter wasn't an option since a free account does not have a delte my account  button. I tried solving this, wasn't able and in the end just deleted all my albums and left it at that.

Now the effect of this will leave quite a lot of the older posts without pictures. I might remedy this in due time (it has no priority for me now since I haven't been actually using PB for some time) and I might just delete the posts or provide new pictures. 

I just thought I should let you all know.


Cheers Sander