Friday 30 June 2017

Did I ever tell you...

...that I really hate Christopher Columbus? Ever since starting this Indian Mutiny project just about every search on "Indian" stuff, has resulted in North American Native subjects. Very frustrating! That said I have tried to get some more stuff finished, amongst this is a command figure for General Havelock, both mounted and on foot. The other red coated officer is from Foundry.

These excellent Mutineer miniatures will be joined soon by others as well as the Sepoy leadership. As a trial project I ordered some palm trees from China and based some up as terrain for anything desert themed.

The Sepoy officer is there for scale purposes, the small palm tree in the first photo is my son's he got it in a box of plastic animals at a zoo. He wanted to paint it up as well so we painted the both of them together.

Cheers Sander