Saturday 23 June 2012

Army Showcase Part V: 7YW Austrians


Today's showcase brings you my Austrian Army for the 7 Year's War. The miniatures are almost all Revell Plastics and have turned out pretty cool. It's a bit like with the Napoleonic French: I started collecting Nappies to gather Wellington's Redcoats but that would mean owning some Frenchies to fight them, since I always leave best till last I started with the French which at first I really disliked. While I started out with the idea of only doing some Line Cavalry and infantry for the French I discovered I actually liked the load of colourful uniforms and their great diversity so now I have practically all mainstream units from Guard to line infantry lying in waiting for a paintjob.... thus it went with the Austrians: I bought the sets to create a 7YW British Army but this would mean converting all the grenadiers into chaps with mitres instead of bearskins. When HäT showed their upcoming MAC Prussians I realised they could be used far easier to gain British Redcoats so decided to paint the Austrians as they were intended to fight my Brits. And so I ended up with a decent Austrian force.

Here then are the pictures. First up is an overview of the troops ready at the moment of taking pictures:

 A closer view of the infantry:

 The cavalry:
And finally the artillery

More stuff is in the works, as we speak I actually have finished but not yet photographed the Baden -Baden regiment of the Swabian Detachement for the Reichsarmée (a sort of auxiliary corps for the Austrians made up of troops from several Holy German Empire States) and have based/ coated 3 more infantry regiments, an artillery battery and a unit of dragoons.Photo's of those will follow when ready.

Hope you like them,

Cheers Sander

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Monday 18 June 2012

More redcoats!


Yet another redcoat regiment is finished, this time one with yellow cuffs.

Cheers Sander

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