Thursday 21 February 2013

The Governor's Court


From time to time, you want something different. Way back when I just started out painting historical figures for real, and I did not have a credit card or Paypall account, I asked one of my American friends to obtain some Old Glory miniatures for me. He duly did and ever since then 3 nice Pirate sets have been awaiting painting. Last week was a holiday over here so I had time to paint one of them, the Governor's Court, up and boy what a lot of work it was. I am not used to 28mm and all these were of that scale. That said another problem was: what to use as colour-schemes?

Well I wanted this to depict the bad guy, it was far too easy to depict the stereotype British Governor and friends. So I went for a more colourful French, or perhaps Spanish Governor.

So let me introduce them all to you.

First up the Governor with his personal footman:

 Next up another footman

The Governor's haughty wife:

 Of course there have to be some Aristocratic toadies:

 A devious priest is a must as well:

 Some civil servants to falsify the books:

 And finally a military man, ships captain or possibly admiral:

And the bunch put together:

There are still two more sets, one of pirates playing cards in a bar and some captured civilians but these will have to wait for painting just a "bit" longer...

Cheers Sander

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Monday 18 February 2013

Gone Camping!


Normally I am not thát fond of sleeping in a tent but these tents by Amera Plastics are superb! I have got all their present 1:72 tents and have just finished the set where you get 5 tents on one strip of plastic. I cut these loose in order to have more different ways to place them on the tabletop. Some additional scenics were added and a dash of paint was slabbed on.

The miniatures are HäT Colonials, the baggage bearers are the new WW1 von Lettow carriers.

Cheers Sander,

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