Friday 1 July 2016

A Handsome Cab


After the latest posts you might be excused for thinking I have sadly forsaken my Victorian project, but that's not entirely true. I finally managed to finish my last vehicle for this era, the West Wind Hansom Cab. A nice little model with some great detail. Ideally there should be reins from the horse to the driver's hands but I decided that was too fiddly for me and also a risk on the gaming table.

It was enormous fun to paint, even if it did take me a while to come up with a paint scheme I liked. More Victorians will follow inevitably when time and mojo permit.

Cheers Sander

Sunday 26 June 2016

Rock & Roll!


Continuing our series of America's Highly Trained Daring Special Missions Force I present you someone who's ready to Rock & Roll!

Rock & Roll never was one of my most favourite figures in his first appearance, but the later version depicted here and made in white metal as seen on the photo's did rock my boat so to speak. It had a more unique but at the same time military look, luckily the white metal figure lacks the ridiculous gatling guns included with the 1989 action figure.

Anyway on to the figure itself, here he is!

More American personnel and some of their terrorist Enemies are in the works.