Wednesday 28 August 2013

Assemble the Fleet!


The X-wing saga continues. Due to some trick of faith Mark and I were able to obtain a large collection of Star Wars goodies.
Our haul included:
- two startersets
- 2x Slave 1
- 1 x Millennium Falcon
- 1x TIE advanced
- 1x TIE interceptor
- 1x X-wing
- 1x Ywing
- 1x A wing.

This lot was complemented by the arrival of a Kenner Imperial Star Destroyer yesterday. The fleets now look something like this:

Imperial "fleet"

Mark will be playing the Alliance and I myself will be collecting the Empire. I specially love the Interceptor (or squint).One of the Firesprays will remain in the original Slave 1 colour-scheme, the other one I will repaint when I find an appropriate scheme.

Cheers Sander

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