Thursday 16 October 2008

More Great War mini's!


As I am posting pictures of figures I have painted way back in times when the weekends still offered some decent painting-time here are my German Gun crews and Heavy weapon figures. All HäT stuff of course!

Gun crew

The caisson. This will be the only one I will paint up as stationary. I will use the other 3 in the set with the horse team and limber when it comes available.

From left to right: minenwerfer, Maxim Heavy Machine Gun, Rifle-grenade launcher, Trench Grenade launcher.

Left: anti-tankgun and right: LMG team

The flamer team: I included a different hose between them but it is too thick. In the future I will seek out a better hose for the teams I still need to do.
Even more pictures of these German Heavies and the ALH have been sent to the HäT website so if I am lucky they will be up there soon!

Australian Light Horse


A few months ago (way back in the days of ample free-time) I re-painted my Australian Light Horse testshots from HäT. At first I had them painted in a sandy-khaki colour but after watching the movies "Gallipoli" and more importantly "Light Horsemen" I have re-done them in the more appropriate greenish-khaki. I also understand the bayonet charging pose better now, cheers Young Stan and all you ANZACS over there Down Under!

Well here are my renewed and based ALH.

Mounted poses.

Dismounted poses, there's also a horse-holder but since I have only one spare horse I am waiting to finish this one.
Some brilliant sites for reference:

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