Sunday 11 August 2013

Space cowboys,

...or why I hate Mark and Toby. This story is a very recognisable one to me and perhaps to many of you gamers out there. Once there was a game called Warhammer 40.000. I got to hear about it from a very strange boy (metalfan and all) in class when I attended higher secondary education. I swore never to get involved since he was really very strange and if strange people played this game it couldn't be much good.
Fast forward an odd 10 years and 3 large 40K armies into the future and there we find my good friend Albert-Martijn, he was really into mechwarrior and Classic Battletech. After an introductory game of this not very simple game, I was heard yet again to be uttering the famous last words of: I will never play this game...

Fast forward 10 odd years and 4 sizeable Battletech forces and up comes Fantasy Flight Games' X-wing game... can you sense where this is going?

This time Mark and Toby are to blame. Mark had been ogling the game at the Crisis in Antwerp last year and Toby actually bought the game and kept badgering (yes Toby BADGERING) me that I'd like it very much. Of course Toby knows most of my gaming weaknesses which are: good fluff, easy to learn rules and well it's Star Wars right? Can't go wrong there, as long as you leave the horrible Episodes I till III out of the equation. Well I persevered, said I would never start to play this overpriced monstrosity and that was that.

So at the Impact convention last May, Mark and myself laid some cash together and bought the starter box of X-wing. This was all fine since the box reclined at Mark's and did not catch my eye nor mind that much. Some weeks ago we played a few games and something started to stir which should have been let alone.

Suffice to say I have ordered a TIE-interceptor and A-wing from an onlineshop which have not arrived due to backorder problems. After being bummed out about that I ordered 3 more fighters from a different webshop and they delivered the very next day!

I now own a X-wing (I have repainted it to resemble Rogue 9's CorSec X-wing, pictures will follow):

An Y-wing (I have painted the stripes on it red)

And my absolute favourite: Darth Vader's TIE Advanced:

Yes folks; I am well and truly hooked! I know what all my wish-lists for my birthday and Saint Nick's will entail :-)

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack" by John Williams