Saturday 1 September 2012

Bring out your dead!


A small update today brings you some casualty markers I put together of late. I ordered some dials from the Dialdude a long time ago. The order was promptly paid for and I waited and waited, in all I waited for about 3 months before the lot showed up. I actually had given up on the stuff since my repeated e-mails did not get any reply. So while I am glad with the result, I wil not be ordering any more...

The figures are white metals from Irregular or New Line Design given to me by a dear friend from Germany.

So here are some of the Frenchies, Allies are in the making.

Cheers Sander

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Thursday 30 August 2012

More Nappies!


The second Nappie update is another conversion of sorts. I needed some Prussian Artillery for my late war army. Now I am usually a big HäT fan but their late war Prussian Artillery just isn't up to par with their latest output. Therefore I took some Zvezda Russian Guard Heavy Artillery gave them  heads from the HäT Prussian Infantry Action set and hey presto!

Now I know I missed some parts on the gun of one of the stands but this has been rectified as we speak but I was too lazy to take new pictures...

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Trench Raiders


And now for something all together different! While Koen and myself use 1:72 plastics to play The Great War games, Koen switched to 28mm metals for the Trench Raids mini games featured in the Over The Top supplement. Since I guess I am going to play some of these with him, I thought it wise to get me a small team of 28's as well. When looking for cool mini's my eye fell on the great site of Hinterland Miniatures and some of these great mini's were ordered.

I have now painted them up excepting the leader of the bunch whose still waiting on the workbench. These are great mini's and not just because they are all dashing galls, but because they have loads of detail. The only nag I have is that the shape of the Pickelhaube is not entirely correct other then that I highly recommend them.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 26 August 2012

Finally some Nappies!


Real life caught up with me lately, school holidays are over and work is really asking a lot of time right now. But I managed to get something done and will post the first update.

First update is my second regiment of Fusilier-Grenadiers for the Middle Guard. My first regiment is made up of the corresponding HäT set. This second battalion is made up of the much nicer figures of the HäT French Light Infantry Command set. I used the figures standing at attention and swivelled their heads to a front facing position.

The command figures had to be standing at attention as well, so I used white metal Art Miniaturen figures. 

This goes a way to show how versatile these figures are...

Cheers Sander

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