Tuesday 20 January 2015



Today's post brings you a small update at what's going on in miniature-land here at the moment. The race for the best Femme Fatale is still going on and you can still vote HERE.

Below are some pictures of miniatures I have entered in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and I am pleased to say I am in the top 20 of say 60 odd contestants; this I could never have imagined.

Also I upped my target from 500 points, a benchmark which I have already passed, to 1000 points. Some very enticing miniatures are still awaiting me on the painting desk and I am seriously chafing at the bit to get going; if only time permitted.

I have something special planned for the "Myth" Bonus round of the Challenge which is coming up soon.  You just wait and see!

So without further ado here's some eye candy.

Here's my Momma Cebada, which I entered as my Femme Fatale

Here's a collection of 28mm Victoriana I've entered.

This wagon is a West Wind Productions Black Mariah prison wagon.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Kerplunk" by Green Day