Thursday 12 December 2013

Napoleonic Brits!


One of my all-time favourite sets of HäT figures is the Peninsular British. Here's is my first truly complete regiment of them. The command figures are test-shot figures so they are missing the King's Colour which ill follow soonish.


Cheers Sander

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Sunday 8 December 2013

Back in a galaxy far far away, with some more Napoleonics!

Hoi There,

Another, rather too long, period of real life catching up with me.This did not prevent me from both painting and obtaining new figures. I have painted some Napoleonics and bought some HäT sets from the E23 release, on which in a future post more, and some OOP West End Games Star Wars miniatures.

The boxes shown below are the Heroes of the Rebellion and A New Hope collectors boxes and usually these sell for over $70,- I was able to pick up both for under $20,- each. The boxes were in very nice condition, all figures were accounted for and even the original foam and astonishingly the paper leaflet containing the in-game statistics of the figures were present!

Apart from these I have been able to scoop up 2 lots of blisters of the same range from e-bay at a very good price with some more characters I'd really like to add to the collection. Funnily enough I owned a good deal of these figures some years ago. I had bought them with gaming in mind and was frustrated by the lack of rules and figures available back then (as well as cash) so I sold them on. Now I have decided that gaming is not my main priority but painting and collecting is, so here they are. Keep your eyes on this spot for future posts on painted Star Wars stuff.

So what Napoleonics did I paint? Well it's HäT again! I came round to painting up two bases of Württemberg horse artillery. 

They paint up really well, but since I wanted more then 4 crewmen I split up the last crew in the box. The guns are left separate from the base in order to literally limber them up. Limbers and teams will come from HäT's Austrian train set, in due time. The howitzer barrel is from the Austrian artillery set as well.   

Cheers Sander

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