Saturday 30 June 2012

Army Showcase Part VI: The Imperial Fleet


Being a staunch Star Wars (Old Trilogy) fan, I just had to get me a fleet of these brilliant Studio Bergstrom miniatures. Since they have different names from the originals it took me some time to find out what types of ship they are but here's a helpful site for finding out, wookieepedia is a great site filled with information on the SW universe. Well the photo's then:

The fleet:

The capital ship, an Allegiance Class Super Star Destroyer:

Imperial Class Star Destroyer:

Victory Class Star Destroyers:

Imperial II Class Frigates:

Interdictor Class Star Destroyers:
Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser:
TIE Fighters:

There are still some fighters and Imperial shuttles waiting to be based and coated but I do not have bases for them at this time. Also I am now very anxious to also start a Rebel Alliance fleet... I hate it when you are sucked into a new game... curse Mark and his Space Dreadnaught 3000!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Empire Strikes Back"the Soundtrack by John Williams: what else?

Tuesday 26 June 2012



Sometimes a friend who has a professional laser-cutting apparatus comes in really handy! I am now the lucky owner of two sets of steampunk naval turning templates:

Great stuff indeed!

Cheers Sander

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