Tuesday 12 October 2010

DUZI 2010!


Last Saturday I visited the DUZI fair in Wesel, Germany together with my mate Koen. On the way over, all went well and we had a great car ride singing classic rock ballads and generally making fun. Then disaster struck: we neared the bridge over the Rhine just in front of Wesel to discover it was blocked for maintenance!
So we tried to find another crossing nearby, but hellooo it's the Rhine you know! That's a mighty big river so crossings are not thick-spread! We kinda felt like all those armies who were stopped from conquering the lands beyond the Rhine like the Germans in Roman times and so on must have felt. Needless to say we got lost in the, beautiful German countryside.

Finally a nice postman told us we had to drive over to Xanten were we could cross the Rhine and get to Wesel, another hours worth of driving... So we did this and, due to my misdirections, got lost in Xanten, again, and even passed the Archaeological park (see picture below).

Eventually we found Wesel and the DUZI figures fair were a great time was had by us both.I especially liked meeting up with old and new friends.I kept a tight grip on my wallet and only obtained the stuff you can see on the picture to the right.I could have purchased more, because there was more then enough to my liking there but I always ask myself 3 questions:
- Do I really need this?
- Will I have time to paint it?
- Will I then actually use it?

And most of the times the answer is a triple 'no'. I do have a long held tradition at the DUZI of buying at least one Freebooter miniature just because they are such excellent little sculpts.

So what exactly did I buy?

- new Italeri stone building
- Zvezda Russian Hussars
- Zvezda heavy Russian Guard artillery (I am thinking of painting these as Prussians)
- a series of each of the 4 Indian Regiments used by Wellington to win India for Britain by Uwe Wildt and friends. http://historyin172.blogspot.com/
- some Bruno Arnal conversion heads
- 2 Freebooter mini's: Goblin Cook and Goblin Duel
- some lovely 18th century Ladies in ball dresses by http://www.dddhk.com/

Afterwards we still had some time to visit the Preussen Museum (Prussia Museum) in Wesel's old Cittadel http://www.preussenmuseum.de/  where I bought a cd with some Marching songs from Old Fritz's days.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: Preussische Armee Märsche des 18. Jahrhunderts