Saturday 15 January 2011

20mm Metals!

Hello there,

As a diversion from all the usual 1:72 plastics I'll show you some pictures of some 20mm white metal figures I've painted recently.

For starters here are some Napoleonic British Naval Officers from Newline Design, This set, with the number * NAV11, offers some senior officers a midshipman and a more general appearance guy. They are good value for money and paint up really well. I will use them for our games of Legends of the High Seas.

Next up are some civilian figures. I believe the manufacturer is Art Miniaturen, but am not sure. It was a German firm anyway. I obtained mine from, a Dutch retailer and an old friend, a long time ago but only now found some time to paint them. While they are intended as Napoleonic German States civilians I tried to paint them more like Peninsular civilians. for reference I used these colour schemes:

The last batch of figures are Brunswick infantry from Schilling Zinnfiguren, from...Brunswick. This is a relatively new line of figures and I first glanced at these figures at the DUZI convention. While they are a bit pricey you do get poses you will not be able to get in plastic. I must admit that the samplepack I painted did have some very strange proportions, the most notable is the waving arm of the NCO which is too long by far. But the paint up nice and complement HäT's line of figures perfectly. For uniform reference I used this well-known site:

Last but not least is not a figure picture but some scenery. I found some time to put together and paint Italeri's stone bridge. While I really am not impressed with the latest figure kits produced by this firm their scenery range in 1:72 is unchallenged! Brilliant stuff.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 9 January 2011

Birthday and Holiday battles!

Hello Peoples,

Today's update is a big one!

Thursday the 6th of January was my Birthday, and boy have I been spoiled with hobby/presents! Let me show you:

From Mom and Dad I got 3 excellent books. The Diary of a Napoleonic Cavalry officer called "Campaigning for Napoleon" by Maurice de Tascher. ISBN 1-84415-457-2 Brilliant depiction of the campaigns from 1806 right up to the Russian campaign in 1812.
Then two books I am greatly pleased with namely 2 books from the series  titled "Les Uniformes du Premier Empire" By Cdt. Bucquoy. These contain brilliant colour-plates of French Napoleonic uniforms. The books I have concern the Light Cavalry of the Ligne and the Guard Cavalry and are depicted in both  present day artist's impressions and original contemporary prints.

From my Wife, Mother in Law and Grandma I received a bunch of boxes of plastic goodies, see picture:

The buildings will be turned into Spanish looking scenery (apart from the African house which I intend to use for my colonial games) and the figures will complement my ever expanding forces, i.e. French Napoleonics and ECW Royalists.

Thanks everyone for these brilliant gifts!

Now on to gaming! During the last week of the Christmas holiday Koen and Michiel came over for a game of Black Powder and Great War. I will not recall both battles here entirely but let the pictures speak for themselves. The BP game was a scenario in which the French had to protect their artillery battery and some buildings against a Prussian- Dutch allied army Figures were mostly HäT with a decent proportion of Italeri and Revell figures.

Below the Prussians are made up from the new HäT late war Prussians (test shot figures) and old Revell chaps!

In the picture below you can see the combination of Zvezda's new Cuirassiers with HäT's new Chasseurs.

From the Great War game I only made one picture, namely of Koen's Mark IV female which in turn one disabled itself by rolling a dreaded 1 on it's movement test...

Hope you've enjoyed this load of pictures and wish you loads of fun gaming this year!


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