Monday 28 May 2018



As I said in my last post things have been busy. Mostly with work as I had to correct the final exams and am awaiting the "second correction" which is a lot of work awaiting me soon. So I have had no real opportunity to post anything about the school trip to the UK I helped organise for 88 of our pupils and some 9 co-workers to the lovely region of Kent.

While there I tried to sneak in some hobby related stops and managed rather well. At Rochester I managed to locate the Rochester Games and Model shop (thanks Lee for the hint) and it is a great shop with a large assortment of goodies and nice helpful staff at that.

We also visited the Chatham Naval Docks Museum. While there we could have a look at the 3 historic vessels present and had a workshop at the ropery where the kids were allowed to make some real hemp rope (apparently 300 miles of the stuff was needed on an average ship of the line).

Some pictures of HMS Gannet:

HMS Cavalier with HM Submarines Ocelot in the background

HM Submarine Ocelot:

We went in the submarine and there's some movies of me in there that we will not be showing the wider public....

During our visit of Hastings I actually managed to meet up with Master Michael Awdry of the Fabled Awdry Towers, but like the big boobies we are we totally forgot to make a picture :-( Without overreacting: this must have been my personal highlight of the trip, so thanks M!

At the end of the trip a visit to London was planned and I just had to get into Hamley's to get the boys something and luckily I managed to find Arthur some Transformers action figures as well as a selfie with his great Hero Optimus Prime.

Meanwhile on the hobby front I have managed to paint the Human team for Blood Bowl by now as well as some more GIJoe vehicles and crew. I hope to feature them soon(ish).

Cheers Sander