Tuesday 30 December 2008

New Years Eve Soccer!

Hi There!

While at the fair in Rheinberg, Benno de Groot made a simple conversion of a HäT handgrenade thrower into a WW1 Soccer playing soldier. These were used as an incentive to get the troops over the top in high spirits...
Anyway we made a sort of a challenge out of it ans here's my version:

What you cannot see from this angle is that I cut loose the foot with the ball (head of a pin) from the base and it is actually elevated as if he's kicking it.
Now at the moment I am also painting some Napoleonic Italian troops as part of a commission and here's a WIP shoot of them as well:

More news will follow in next year! Have a Happy New Year!

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Sunday 28 December 2008

Colonial Indian Infantry!

Hoi Everybody!

After some very nice Christmas Days I am back with some pictures from the latest HäT Colonial Troops. This time some Indian Infantry testshots. Enjoy! For entire shot click the picture.

The separate poses:

An "in action" scenic shot!

Cheers Sander

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Thursday 25 December 2008

Seasonal Greetings!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Thanks to James (you know who you are) for the picture!

Here's another nice one:


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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Peninsular British Finished!

Hoi Everybody!

Well I have lots of updates but no time to upload so far. So today I just took some. Here are some pictures of my finished HäT Peninsular British. The final part to my WIP shoot will be published on the HäT ETS pages soon. Click the pictures for a bigger image.

^ Command figures

^Centre company figures

^Grenadier Company figures

^ Light Bobs

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Saturday 22 November 2008

Rheinberg Part II: Our Stand

Hoi Peoples!

Well I finally found some time to up-load more pictures from our visit to Rheinberg. First I'll upload some pictures showing our stand. Then in Part III I will upload some photo's showing the rest of the Hall.

Click the photo's to see the entire picture!

A view along the fornt of our stand:

Behind the "screens":

The game I played at the fair (The Great War from Warhammer Historicals) by the way, the ANZACS won!

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Tuesday 18 November 2008

Rheinberg Part I

Hoi ya all!

Well Last weekend I went to a Modelling Fair in Rheinberg Germany with Hans (www.waterama.nl), Martin (www.miniatuurwereld.com)  and we had a blast!

I will put up some pictures taken during the 3 days stay soon but as a teaser I will post some photo's of cavalry troops for which I painted the horses while at the fair. Hans asked me to put them up ASAP so here they are!

Roman Auxilia Cavalry (HäT)

WW1 German Cuirassiers (Strelets)

Cheers Sander

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Monday 17 November 2008

Crisis 2008

Hoi Peoples!

Well at first it seemed I would not be able to visit the Crisis this year. Then a good Friend Tom http://www.cw-toys.de/ asked me to help out at his stand on the Crisis and so I got to go after all. I made some pics and will give a small impression here.

Two shots of the hall:

Some of the demo games in proces:

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Lest we Forget!

A tribute to the Glorious Dead...

Wednesday 5 November 2008

True Wellingtonians!

Hoi There!

Well at last the Peninsular British Infantry test-shots from HäT have arrived and I am well into painting them!

Here's a teaser

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Tuesday 21 October 2008

Pirate Lass!

Ahoy me maties!

Remember my Pirate Lass? Well she's finished now... She didn't quite turn out how I wanted at the beginning but is good enough for me as she is now. Her eyes will need re-doing and I will probably add some wash to her hair.

Here are the pics:

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Sunday 19 October 2008

Great War Artillery Part IV

Well they are finished! Both crews and the gun and caisson have been finished today. I will give you some impressions here and I have sent more pictures to the HäT site where you can see more of them in some time.
Meanwhile here's some eye-candy!

French set:

American Set:

Cheerio Sander!
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Thursday 16 October 2008

More Great War mini's!


As I am posting pictures of figures I have painted way back in times when the weekends still offered some decent painting-time here are my German Gun crews and Heavy weapon figures. All HäT stuff of course!

Gun crew

The caisson. This will be the only one I will paint up as stationary. I will use the other 3 in the set with the horse team and limber when it comes available.

From left to right: minenwerfer, Maxim Heavy Machine Gun, Rifle-grenade launcher, Trench Grenade launcher.

Left: anti-tankgun and right: LMG team

The flamer team: I included a different hose between them but it is too thick. In the future I will seek out a better hose for the teams I still need to do.
Even more pictures of these German Heavies and the ALH have been sent to the HäT website http://www.hat.com/ so if I am lucky they will be up there soon!

Australian Light Horse


A few months ago (way back in the days of ample free-time) I re-painted my Australian Light Horse testshots from HäT. At first I had them painted in a sandy-khaki colour but after watching the movies "Gallipoli" and more importantly "Light Horsemen" I have re-done them in the more appropriate greenish-khaki. I also understand the bayonet charging pose better now, cheers Young Stan and all you ANZACS over there Down Under!

Well here are my renewed and based ALH.

Mounted poses.

Dismounted poses, there's also a horse-holder but since I have only one spare horse I am waiting to finish this one.
Some brilliant sites for reference:

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Tuesday 7 October 2008

Great War Artillery Part III

Hoi There!

As you can see here's a WIP picture of the (almost) finished French Artillery Drivers and riders. The hands need some highlighting and I am still thinking what to do with the eyes. Since these will feature in my wargames army I am considering to not paint them...

More updates are coming up...

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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Great War Artillery Part II

Well work is progressing steadily. I have begun painting the French limber riders and drivers and I have based the 'ground crews' and gun/ caisson as you can see below.

The above are pictures of the front and back of the French crew

And of course these photo's show the American (ANZAC in my case) artillery crews.

Last but certainly not least some shots of the Caisson and gun assembly. By now you will have noticed that although these figures are testshots, I have based them for wargaming. I used to put my painted test-figures onto specially made bases but since I have ran out of my supply and they take up loads of space in my cabinets I decided to use the figures in my wargames armies right away.

Keep watching this space for the painted figures!

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