Tuesday 3 March 2015

New Arrivals!


Guess what? Time for another, not so frequent update. The Painting Challenge still pretty much takes up most of my hobby time and blogging as well. The short of it is that I have managed to reach my 1000pts goal and have upgraded it one more time to 1300. When I reach that count, I am done. I truly like participating in the challenge, but I cannot keep pace with Illustrous competitors like Millsy, Dave D. and Tamsin who keep stunning me with huge pointbombs of contributions. Where they get the time from I have no idea!

Well anyway, this week two parcels arrived over here. the first is another West End Games Star Wars miniatures box. It's a pristine condition Imperial Forces box with some very nice figures in it. Most of the figures I already own, but in less then a great state and I missed the Dart Vader fighting pose.

Here's the box, it came complete with foam and leaflet (not shown).

Today a parcel from the US brought in the newest HäT testshots: British Peninsular Light- and Heavy Dragoons and WW1 Belgians. All 4 items are high on my wish-list so I am very delighted to find them on my doorstep.

When I get them painted I will of course put up the pictures either here or on the Challenge Blog ;-)

Cheers Sander