Wednesday 12 August 2009

Picture Update part 1!


As promised more pictures of stuff awaiting your approval!

This figure is the Prince of Orange (about 1815) from the new Waterloo1815 mounted officers set.

From the same set is this Dutch Line Infantry officer.

These two Royal Horse guards are actually some of my oldest figures in the collection. I originally painted them up when I was 15 or so and have now re-done them to look somewhat better.

Then something different! This figure is a Privateer Press 'Bodger' for Warmachine. I quite liked to put the base together of all kinds of scraps, odds and bits lying around.

A very characterfull figure if I may say so myself.

Cheers Sander

Picture Update, part 2!

Hoi Everybody!

As I have been saying for some time; painting time is very limited over here but I have managed to photograph some figures that have been standing here ready for some time in order to showcase them here.

First some WW1 Shots.

HäT ANZAC stretcher bearers:

HäT Turkish HMG with head-swap.

Another ANZAC stretcher bearer shot

HäT Turkish Gunner with headswap

More Turkish head-swaps, a bomber (left) and gunner (right)

Watch out for more pics here!

Cheers Sander

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