Tuesday 31 August 2010

WIP: Napoleonic Italian Infantry

Hoi Everyone!

A while ago I accepted a commission work consisting of 3 batteries of Napoleonic Italian Artillery and one infantry regiment. The artillery is finished, as you have been able to read elsewhere in this blog, and now I am busy with the infantry. I promised to do a Work In Progress shoot so here it is!

The first picture shows the figures mounted on painting aids. My client has handily supplied the figures with short ends of steel wire in one foot so they can be fitted to these wooden rods for painting. He also does incredible conversions, a small indication of this are the pompons and sword added to these HäT figures.

Close up showing the NCO with fanion staff and sword/ bayonet combi added.

Here are the figures based with a black base coat out of an army painter spray can. I used to spray with a Games Workshop spray can, but the nozzle of the army painter can is better, besides at the moment I strongly dislike sponsoring Games Workshop.

The first stage of my painting process is to put a layer of Bestial Brown on all area's of bare flesh. I then start with the colour that covers the largest part of the uniform, in this case the coat is painted with Andrea Colour AC-38. Followed by a highlight made by adding some Valejo Deep Yellow (V70915) to the green.

More next time,

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt, what can I say? Nostalgia!