Sunday 3 December 2017

AHPC 8...


Well an update is long overdue I suppose. While work and sickness in the family  have not permitted  me to spent much time on the hobby, a lot has been happening.

For starters I have the honour of being asked  to participate in this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge not as apunter but as Minion. It goes without saying that I am mighty pleased with this highest of hobby accolades.

See the CHALLENGE link.

Arthur and I will enter the Challenge  together as well, me for a modest 1000 points  and the lad for 50, an amount which his concentration  might actually permit him to achieve. If minioning allows I will up the amount.

While I will surely paint figuress for all my running projects, the main focus of this year's  Challenge will be my "BIG" project: Salamanca  1812.
This will see me paint lots of 1:72 Peninsular War plastics and the occasional  metal special figure. I hope to get the larger part of my Allied 3rd division done by the Challenges end.

So you see, quite a lot of exiting stuff to look forward  to!

Cheers Sander