Friday 17 August 2018

Yo Joe!


Let's put the pedal to the metal with some iconic GI joe vehicles today. I have the AWE Striker (3d prints) and the VAMP Mk I (old Die-cast collectable) in offering for you today.

The Striker is the first vehicle my brother and me were able to by back in the Olden Days and for me nothing says early Joe series as the Striker.

The second vehicle shows Crankcase and Footloose as crew, these are from the private project of which I obtained a large portion which I am still working on.To get them to fit the vehicle I had to cut off their feet.

The VAMP is a brilliant vehicle of which I obtained 3 of the old Die-cast collectables. While the VAMP is perfect for 28mm figures (just like the HAL, FLAK and MMS) most of the others are not compatible in this scale.

I only have 1 complete VAMP the others were missing the rollbars and the guns, I converted 1 of the incomplete ones into a special missions version.