Wednesday 4 August 2021

More White...



As is now all but usual, life interfered with my hobby the last few weeks. Floods, evacuations and road accidents all did not encourage me doing any painting or other hobby activities. That said; it's summer holiday right now and I have been able to do some painting as well as play a game of Heroquest with the family.

Today I'd like to show you just one figure: A Tome Keepers Space Marine.

Being a friend of a FLGS owner and having two cute kids, means that sometimes one of those "free-give-sway" Space Marine models finds it's way over tot me. As the White Dwarf included a transfer sheet for the Tome Keepers (a Chapter of Space Marines created by the WD team just for fun) I decided to paint this figure up as one, it might also be that these chaps (The Tome Keepers) are a bit of amateur historians and this of course endears them to me. 

Let me be honest here, I am not all sure I like Games Workshop's present day rules, nor it's business model but some of the figures are really cool. I am still busily beavering away on the Stalingrad big box for said FLGS Owner and will show some pictures of stuff for that project here soon to.

Keep safe and healthy,