Monday 16 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 2



More Challenge posts for you to peruse! The first post for today is one in which Battletech features heavily. I have always loved this game and it is still gowing from strength to strenght with all the new stuff Catalyst Game Lab is churning out these days. As I also like the old 80's Cartoons I grew up on a lot, I jumped at the chance to paint some Transformers looking mechs ;-)


Next up is another Blood Bowl team, this is an old skool Ork team I painted up for my co-worker Menno who wanted them done in fresh and clean colours so: ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!


Both these entries were listed in the CHallenge subsegment called the Galaxy Quadrant and while I had intended to go to all locations, a house renovation that went along earlier than planned threw a spanner in the works and I had to cease painting for 2,5 weeks!

Oh well, more to come next week!