Friday 15 July 2011

Holiday update Part I


As I said in a post earlier this week; painting time is sparse over here. I just about managed to get two little projects finished by now.
First up is this Prussian Napoleonic Command stand featuring Marshal Blücher and ADC. The marshal and the horses have been ready sitting in my glass cabinet for ages, I just had no suitable ADC. At first I decided to convert a HäT early war Hussar into a late Hussar by means of a head swap, this turned out to be a fluke because the head was too big. A bit later on I decided to discard my plans to start a late war Russian army and use the models I had lying around as Prussians instead, so I used this Russian Hussar to paint a Prussian hussar with little pennant to act as ADC, now what I should have dry-fitted was the horse... because the Zvezda hussar is far too large for this HaT pony...let that be a lesson to everyone everywhere to always dry-fit before starting a project!

Next up: inspired by HäT's imminent release of 7YW Prussians I decided to finally try to finish my Revell Austrians. These chaps have been in my ownership for ages, nigh on 12 years I guess, and I always intended to convert them into Brits ever since I got my hands on the Black Powder ruleset. Now that HäT is doing Prussians with mitre caps and all, it's far easier to make Brits out of those and paint the Revell chaps up as they were intended: as Austrians. Here is a combined Grenadier battalion, which I can use as seen here or break up and place back to their parent unit when required.

Last up are some of the latest HäT release of E19 sets: 8243 WWI British Q45 Howitzer and 8256 WWI British Artillery Crew. I combined spare heads from these sets with some of the ANZAC heavy weapons team to create more diversity. Below you'll find some WIP shots of both my Arty stands and the heavies.

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 13 July 2011



Sorry ladies and gents, no pictures today... While I've been having summer holiday for the last 3 days, no serious painting has been done over here. I have been very busy in and around the house doing all kinds of chores. Any painting time I do get is late in the evening and doesn't do much for my  "painted figures rating". Anyway, what am I going to talk about then?

Games Workshop... again? Yes again but differently this time. Warhammer Historical have launched two new rulesets this week, to whit:

Waterloo, Napoleonic ruleset



The rulesets are based on existing GW rulesystems, although I couldn't tell you which ones, so they will be easy to learn for old GW hands as myself but... and there's a big but (pun intended) I love Black Powder! BP is a far more versatile game because you can use the rules for the period covering a whole range of wars from 1700 right up to 1900. Waterloo just about covers the French Wars from the Revolution up to the title battle of Waterloo. Enough said about this one: I will not be buying Waterloo any time soon.

Now Gladiator is a different kind of dilemma all together. You all know that I have some gladiators lying around and there are loads of models out there that really are very good. I'd like to set up a Gladiator arena and start my own Ludus and see how far I can come as Lanista. Also it's probably very cool to play with the pupils at school.

Perhaps perhaps you'll be seeing shots here of my Gladiator games in the near future.All this is kinda ok, but whatever happened to "Over the Top" the expansion book for "The Great War"? In the wabforum I heard that the document is ready, pictures and all, and had but to be sent to the printers, years ago... So why is it being overtaken by not ONE but TWO other rulesets???

Meanwhile I received some new HäT sets from the last Eddy shipment being Austrian Landwehr (will be converted to Brunswickers) and some WW1 Russian and British Artillery with crews.

Now but for some time to get them painted....

Cheers Sander