Monday 12 April 2010

New Crop!

Hoi Everybody!

Lately not much has been going on hobbywise but I managed to finish two subjects.

First is a unit of AWI British 17th Light Dragoons:

These will be the mounted arm of my AWI British army for Black Powder. I also plan to convert these figures to Loyalist Legion cavalry.

Last but certainly not least is the first stand featuring the latest HÄT testshots. Here it concerns the Chasseurs sets. I received all 3 new sets for painting and they are absolutely fabulous! To me these chaps represent the proto-typical French Napoleonic soldier. They have it all: brilliant shako complete with cords and plume, both sabre and bayonet and of course very VERY nice and crisp sculpting and details. There was a little flash and some undercutting but this is only to be expected at this stage of the production. I have enough troops, combined with some recently released voltigeurs and carabineers, to create 2 large Black Powder regiments. One marching and one firing. The former will be my representation of the Isembourg regiment of which you can see the first stand (including Sapeur).

Cheers Sander

Listening to "Machine Head" by Deep Purple