Tuesday 31 December 2013

2013 Review

Hoi There!

This is most probably the final post for 2013 and as many bloggers are doing: I will take a little step back and reflect on this years' hobby ventures.

The one regret I have concerning the 2013 Hobby year is the small amount of games I've played. The only true wargame I've attended was the 7YW Black Powder game I won from Pijlie at the IMPACT convention. I also played quite some games of X-wing, but for some reason I cannot find them to be a real wargame as more of a board-game.I will have to do something about this in 2014.

Paintingwise the year has been quite good. The 7YW Austrian army is nigh on finished, I have managed to paint up quite some French Napoleonic Horse regiments and some small projects along the way as well. A glimpse through the posts for 2013 will show you what the latter were, I'm not going to go into detail here right now.

While I still have a large amount of GW models lying on the unpainted-pile, I am fairly confident that I will not buy (at least certainly NOT for the full prise) any of their products in the future. The company's antics are just about enough for me at this moment in time. The miniatures they produce are still really nicely done, but all the other stuff is just utter bollocks!

Old year's Eve is usually one of my most productive days regarding painting, but with Arthur at the age of 2 and needing a lot of attention I will not get anything done until he's asleep. So what projects are currently on the workbench? For starters I am painting up an English Regiment of Foot for the 7YW, basecoated as well, are the following mini's:
- some Battletroops DC troops
- 5 Dark Angel tactical Marines
- 5 Deathwing Terminators
- A vignette featuring Murat and his ADC's
- A WW1 German vignette
- two gladiators
- some Star Wars fighters
- A Napoleonic French Artillery battery.

These will never get done today I'm afraid, but I will try to have a go at them.

This brings me to the BIG project of Salamanca. Usually I place updates in the appropriate "other" blog but for once a post here will have to suffice. Progress is steady but slow as I have been expecting anyway. The boards are all landscaped and I now need to find time to sand them and spray-coat them. After which painting will ensue. My biggest concerns are the placing of the figures on the boards: will drilling holes, fracture the layers of coating? Besides that I'm really bothered by the adding of scenic details like flock and vegetation. What colours do I use, in what amounts and do I put this on before or after putting the figures in place. Regarding the figures I am seriously lacking in usable French and Portuguese figures, but the huge amount of British figures needed will see me painting on for some time yet so HäT or any other producer has some time left to get cracking on some decent sets.

Well that's all for so far from me, all that's left for me to do here is thank you all for the great year of 2013 and wish you all the best for 2014!

Cheers Sander

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